Katy Guillen & The Girls

Heavy Days is their second album, and it is phat, and soulful. Paired with their killer onstage presence, this music is the heart that drives the girls on ... These songs are aurally spacious, but the band is very tight together, and the result is heavy, but never muddy. It’s almost as if Blondie meets The Clash meets The Pretenders ... From start to finish Heavy Days will have listeners captivated and engaged.

- Barry Kerzner, American Blues Scene Magazine - June 2016

All of this magic that is happening on their respective instruments melds into a cohesive force that propels the songs. The songs. The SONGS! That is really what this is all about. That is what has me really excited. Every time I put this album in my player, I end up listening to the entire disc... and often spin it again.

Folks, this is fresh Rock & Roll that manages to remind me of why I was excited by Rock & Roll in the first place. It makes me feel good to be alive. I am not sure that I can find a better compliment within me than that.

- Don "T-Bone" Erickson, KFMG 98.9FM, Des Moines - June 2016

Smoking stuff that doesn’t need accouterments to gild it’s natural sound and fury, this is wonderful hard and heavy stuff that doesn’t miss. Well done.

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record - June 2016

Katy Guillen & The Girls set sail in new directions on ‘Heavy Days’
Timothy Finn, Kansas City Star - May 2016

There is much enjoyment to be had here for the open-minded music lover. All three band members deliver the goods to propel the music along. The lyrics, production and arrangements were obviously well thought out. Nothing is an afterthought here. Rock energy and musical nuance are everywhere to be found. These girls are going places... good places.

- Greg "Bluesdog" Szalony, Blues Blast Magazine - Feb 2016

This ISN'T blues rock with the life sucked out of it. This is fiery. This is energetic. Frankenstein's blues monster has been connected up to the electrodes and KG & The Girls have provided the lightning bolts for resurrection... There are no pretensions here, just an album that is chock-full of tunes that are immediate, in-yer-face and rock like a cradle in a tropical hurricane.

- Ken Brown, FATEA Magazine - 2015

Katy Guillen & The Girls is an album that shows a band that absolutely knows that they’re capable of becoming major players in the blues scene... Pick up this album and keep an eye on Katy Guillen & The Girls.

- Richard MacDougall, Blues Rock Review - Apr 2015

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